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Prototype connections aren't synced on mirrors

Hello, I’m experiencing an issue while creating connections between frames as some of them only they “appear” on the desktop app but they aren’t really activated on mirrors. This issue can happen even after creating one connection, the rest will be canceled and will no longer appear after restarting Figma app.

This is so annoying, anyone experienced this?

My setup is:

  • Figma latest stable app.
  • Windows 10.
  • No interactive components

By “mirrors” do you mean Figma Mirror ( and the mobile app)? Can you send a link to the specific example file?

I meant, I don’t think sharing an example file will help as some connections only “Appear” on my PC before restarting the figma desktop app. No sync to mirrors even if they appear on my PC as connected, Actually I know that issue is happening when the prototype connection I created doesn’t change any interaction on mirror.

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