Prototype Connections Are NOT Working

Hi. I’m new to Figma and taking a UX design class. My project is a low-fidelity movie theatre app. I’m having a problem with one frame. There are only two connections on the frame and one is not working. Each connection goes to a top-level frame. One connection is supposed to go to one frame and the other connection is supposed to go to a different frame. The interaction details for both connections appear and are correct but the function for one, the back arrow, will not perform in the prototype. When I click the back arrow, my other connection, a button, lights up. My research tells me that the button is a hotspot but so is the arrow. All my other connections work. Why would this not work? It’s really annoying that something this basic is not working. What am I not doing?


Can you share the file link? From your description it seems like you are doing everything correct but since it’s not working, something is probably broken.

Thanks for the quick response. The issue is occurring on the Refund Process frame. The back arrow should go to a frame called Actual E-ticket. The Process Refund button should go to the Refund Confirmation frame. The button works but the back arrow doesn’t. I looked at it again before responding and I still don’t know what I did wrong. Here is a link to the file.

Since the arrow has the height of zero pixels, it will not be clickable in the prototype.

You need to wrap it in a frame and draw the connection from the frame. This will not only ensure the prototype is working, but also make it accessible, since a thin arrow may be hard to click if you only use its visual bounding box.

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MUAH!!! Thank you (1,000)! I will try that in the future when I build this out at a higher fidelity. I really appreciate your help, as I learn this software. And thanks for the Figma Link Shortener.

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Had the exact same problem. And I think we are both taking the same Google course Marian1 LOL Thank you all for helping!


This definitely helped me as well, thank you guys!