Prototype broken!


Back to work, we are currently experiencing problems on an interactive prototype, that has been built end of 2021. The flow is now broken (no changes made during holidays), lots of interactive components are broken as well.

I’ve an updated version of the OSX client and the problem is observed in the browsers too.

Globally we are also experiencing important slowlynesses while loading the prototype and it seem the the R button to refresh the prototype has no effects.

Have you made any changes during the last weeks that could have an impact on existing prototypes?

Thanks in advance


PS: I can share the prototype to the support team for investigation

If it can help, I think that there is now an issue when I start interacting with an interactive variant component. Once I interact with this kind of component the prototype is no more working, the R button not working and also when I click to start another flow, the system is no more responding…

Can you confirm this by checking the version history?


Otherwise it sounds like you should file a bug report.

December 21 was the last change in the project (not related to the prototype)

Hey @Roberto_Ortelli - it looks like you’ve been in contact with Sharon on the support team, so please make sure to respond to their email whenever you have a moment :smiley:

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