Proposal for an improved component override system

I have a suggestion how to improve the overrides system.
I’ll give first some examples of some challenges i’m facing often:

  • My design system has a gauge component with a pointer. I cannot make a component where the pointer angle could be adjusted.
  • The system has progress bar components, but I cannot make a component where the progress bar could be adjusted.
  • A lot of components have a lot of layer and group hierarchy due to auto layouts and “base components”. Other designers and developers find it difficult to do overrides as they have to navigate through a complex layer stack (and believe me, i’ve tried to keep it minimal :slight_smile: )
  • Even me, as the creator and upkeeper of the design system, have sometimes challenges using components quickly and efficiently due to the complexity of some items.

This is what i have in mind:

  1. Allowing child elements to be unlocked and clickable, while having parent elements locked. This way i could make most content inside the component locked, while giving fast and easy access to only certain elements to quickly apply overrides.
  2. Allowing to determine which overrides could be done to an instance per component, and which not.
  3. Expanding the overridable parameters, so that rotation, size and position would be also overridden, but maybe keeping them not overridable by default like described above.

Whad do you think?

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