Promote component instance to main

I’ve just imported a large file from Sketch. There are a lot of symbols which, as expected, have imported as components with their main instances in a Symbols page. These are all still arranged in whatever way it is that Sketch throws symbols into that page, ie not very helpfully.

However there’s also a style guide page where the original designer has laid out one instance of every symbol in a neat and organised manner. I’d like to use this page as my repository for all my main components for all future work, since it’s so easy to find everything. But all of the components in there are instances, not mains.

So my question is, can I somehow either promote the instances in the style guide page to mains, or demote the mains in the symbols page so that I don’t have to spend a ton of time copying and pasting components from one page to another?

Thanks in advance.

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