Project libraries

Hello there, I have a question about libraries. I have made a library in which I want to have all the atoms, molecules and organisms (components) for a LMS (Learning Management System). However, I would like to reuse this LMS for different brands. What is the ideal way to do this without losing the power of libraries. Different brands will result in different atoms like colors, fonts & small components > the lay-out etc should be the same.

Duplicating a project won’t be beneficial I guess because I have to detach the instances for the prototype to work otherwise states won’t come over correctly.

Ideally, I have one template which can be updated and multiple files/libraries with brands which can be created in a short time? Is it an idea to have 1 library with all the components and multiple libraries with the brands and then swap them?

Please let me know what you think the ideal way forward is.

Kind regards,
Boy Kolman