Progress bar for "unsaved changes"

Hi! My organization uses components and shared libraries pretty heavily, and sometimes one component’s one variant can have tens to hundreds of instances across multiple pages in a file. In this kind of cases, if I go to the master component, make a change to that component variant, publish, go back to the design file, and choose to Update the instances, the unsaved changes icon (i.e. the icon of a little cloud with an up arrow pointing into it) would show up and remain there for a variable amount of time - depending on how many instances need to be updated. Is it possible for us to have a progress bar (a progress bar! NOT A SPINNER) so we can see how many (not as in a specific number, but as in a rough portion, e.g. 25% of all) changes have not yet been saved?

Hey shimo! Thanks for your feedback. Do not also forget to vote up for your idea (next to the topic’s title :ballot_box:)

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