Professional plan should include Dev seats

To me it is really incomprehensible that starting next year the Professional plan will not offer Dev seats with Dev-Mode that only higher tier plans offer.
What is the reason behind this decision Figma?

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Hey @dwnrdt,

Starting in 2024, access to Dev Mode features will require a paid seat. Dev Mode and Figma for VS Code will be included in the editor seat for Professional, Education, Organization, and Enterprise plans. If you already have an editor seat, you will retain access to these features next year!

Hey @dvaliao :slight_smile:

Well we actually want Dev seats on our Professional plan though because with Editor permissions there’s always a chance that folks make unwanted changes to the document.
Or will we be able to set Design roles to “viewer-restricted” for Editor seats, but enable Dev Mode for them at the same time? That would solve the issue too, but Dev seats would not require such a workaround. Also, are Dev seats in general priced equally to Editor seats?

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