Problems with swap property

Hello, my dilemma is the following: it has two types of components, a blog card and a section where this card will be.

In the section, I defined the internal cards with the “swap property” so that you can change the card for another. The problem is that, when there is more than one internal card (all of them with the swap property) all intractions are activated at the same time, I explain:

The blog card has a hover state, within the section, when I hover the mouse over ONE card, all the others activate the hover animation. How can I make the animations individual, still maintaining the swap property on the cards?

Hi Pedro,
Thanks for reaching out to the community! Can you share a quick video recording and a copy of your file? It will help the community to better visualise what you intend to do.

From what I understand, I think as a workaround now, it would be to use the override properties of an instance, so it won’t activate for all the components when you swap the properties: . Hope this helps!

Of course, here is the file linka and the prototype link



unfortunately I can’t share the media file, but in the prototype there is a flow with the problem and one with the solution I would like

Thanks for sharing the file! I tried on my end, and I can also replicate the issue (when I create an instance with a component from “section_category/2”). Can you clarify what steps you have done to insert the “card_category-7” component in the “section_category/2”?

As a workaround for now, I re-insert one by one the “card_category-7” component (as an instance) in your component set “section_category/2” , and it seems to work now.
Please see below the video (i made an instance so you can see how it works). Hope this helps!

I believe that, when you just put card_category-7 in section_category/2, the swap property no longer exists in section_cateogory/2 (thus being able to change the card_category in the section_category/2 settings).

I think I’m going to adopt this solution, not having swap property for the card internal to the section, thanks

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