Problem with middle click on Linux (bis)


The issue I’d like to discuss has already been posted by @Jairo_Llopis ( Problem with middle click on Linux ), but since that thread does not seem to have been given a solution, I thought I’d retry.

The problem is that on linux, a middle click can paste the content of the clipboard. So whenever I pan with the middle button, it generates a paste when I complete the move.

So if I pan multiple times to move to a different place on the board, I end up pasting multiple elements every time.

Is there a way to avoid this? If not, could it be considered a bug?

This is happening on firefox, ubuntu 22. Let me know if you need more info.

I see now this was also mentioned in this thread ( Release of middle mouse button paste text from clipboard - #3 by Matteo_Bertini ), but the solution mentioned affects the whole of firefox, so that is not something I would consider a solution unfortunately.
The last comment by @Alexey_Korepov, to not accept a paste at the end of a drag seems like it would work much better. Would that be an option?

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