Problem with images not showing up

I’m having kind of a problem using figma right now. It’s my first time so maybe im missing something simple. Basically i used an png to fill a rectangle, but in the preview it shows up as black. Everything else works fine. If anyone has a solution, feel free to reply!

Are you viewing it in the browser? Try in incognito mode/with disabled extensions/in another browser. Extensions such as AdBlock or VPN can cause images not to load in Figma prototypes.

I’m trying to add the image in figma design it doesn’t added and shows your file have unsaved changes. How to solve this issue

Are you connected to the internet? Do you have internet issues? Figma auto-saves your projects. Figma also must have internet connection in order to do so. If you have a message that says you have some unsaved changes then it must be internet related.

As for the images, check their size and make sure your changes has been saved, otherwise it won’t work.
Try turning them into components and placing them in a separate page.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

I’m sure , I’m connected to the internet and I’ve used both browser version and Application, the issue still exists in both, but it works fine a week before.
Please help me to solve this issue