Problem with button

Hello, I am making a button that when I press it opens other buttons above it, but I am not able to make the button change color when I move my finger over the button, similar to calculators that open buttons above and when I move my finger they change color color, how do I do that in figma?

Could you share a screen or file for us to understand your situation Correctly?

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I already posted the screens in video friend, can you help me?

Sorry didn’t see it, What method are you using to make this function?

From my understanding, Open overlay for extra buttons sound reasonable and while pressing for change of color.

But to make such functions you need to be extra careful on your layer names, overlay sizes, and leave functions.

I could help you to achieve smooth prototype if you want it. but you need to give me access to the file or a copy of it.

if you need my help you can Email me at:

Have a great day