Problem opening FigJam

Wondering if anyone can help me. I’m able to create a new FigJam, but others can’t open mine. Also, when I try to go into other’s FigJam, and they give me edit access, I don’t get any of the tools like notepads and pen tools on the bottom.

Hey @Paul_Lim_UED-TikTok-UX_US,

When you or your colleagues are inviting others to view a file, be sure that you’re selecting the correct level of access to view or edit the FigJam file. In order to see the tools to collaborate on the same file, they’ll want to select “can edit”.

Hi @dvaliao ! We tried this out as well, but we’re still having problems have others edit. Also others aren’t able to access my old FigJam boards, but I’m able to view it.

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