Problem, elements not fixed on carrousel (elements don't appear)

Hello everyone, how can I put fixed items on a carousel? There are three images scrolling in the background, and I would like the elements above (logo, burger menu, button) to be fixed and appear during my reading. However, for the moment, only the three scrolling images appear. Thank you !

Hi Mathilda
Could you send pictures to make it more clear where may the problem is?

Anyway, in the layers menu on Figma you see that the elements are separeted in two groups: Scroll and Fixed.
Try to check if they are properly distributed

Hello, thank you so much. Elements are fixed on the menu… But they don’t appear when I put on read…

I took a look the printscreen you sent. It seens to me that the element “Carrousel 3 images” should the one you want to scroll instead of “menu 1”. Am I right?
And the frame “Icones et textes” contains only part of the elements you want to appear in your app screen.

Check if the main frame hold all the elements that should appear on the screen and you should make the scroll on it.
Then check how the prototyping (arrows flow) is placed.
Makes sense?

If you dont fix the problem yet, give us more images, please :slight_smile:

Hello, I put everything back in place, (see photos) but I don’t have the impression that it works. When reading, neither the time, nor the menu, nor any writing appears on the welcome screens and the carousel. Thank you !

I’m novice on Figma…

Hello ? Can anyone help me ?

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