Printing from FigmaJam


We have a FigmaJam that we have used to map user journeys through our app. This document is massive but we would like to be able to print it across multiple pages so the text is legible and we can look at the full document all at once on a wall.

Does anyone know if this is possible in Figma or if not can anyone recommend how we could do this using other tools.


Hi there,
Thanks for raising it! It’s not possible natively at this moment on FigJam, but others have requested something similar with a potential plugin that might address this:

On my end, I haven’t come across any so far. Let’s keep an eye out for any insights or solutions that others in the community might have!

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Thank you I’ll have a look at this!

We came up with a workaround, by exporting the Jam to a PDF then when printing the PDF from Adobe Acrobat we were able to split the document into tiles using the poster option in print and changing the tile scale.

Hopefully that helps anyone else trying to do the same.


hey @JackDotI this is a great idea. How do you prefer to split the document so that the content from a massive Jam are visible? Do you always print in A4 or other size?

We printed on A4 but I think we used 500% tile scaling which lead to about 64 pages! That was mainly due to the fact we only had an A4 printer so A3 would have meant less sheets

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@JackDotI makes sense due to the printer’s abilities. Have you considered to organize content in Sections and then export those sections? You can do that with Super PDF. Each Section would be a page and that way you will avoid the extra step of splitting — if I understand correctly what your workflow. Sections will export with background but background color is customizable for each section.