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Previews (for clients) that stay as they are


how are you guys sending previews to clients? From experience clients usually want to keep a preview link as it is, even after feedback has been done, which would be sent as new link.

Also, I sometimes send a preview but still want to tweak and work on the file without the client seeing the messed up in between state…

So, long story short: can I prevent a preview from automatically updating, but waiting for me to push the next update (like it‘s happening in XD)?

Hey there, we built a plugin called Crypto to help solve this problem.

It creates versioned (password protected) links that you can send to clients, allowing you to share snapshots of the design process without them needing to have access to your Figma file or see the very latest designs. Hope it helps! :blush:

Thank you. I will for sure check it out. :slight_smile:

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