Preview Prototype Hide Black Bar

It works, but the shortcut was made with an English/US keyboard in mind meaning that on my Danish keyboard the short cut is actually “CMD” + “.”. This might vary for other non-english keyboard layouts.

But still not a 100% working solution because for some use cases I/we still need to have the Flows sidebar visible to navigate, but using the above shortcut also hides that…

Hiding the UI doesn’t work because I need the sidebar to move between flows. This is a huge pain and can’t believe it was designed to overlay the design in the first place :triumph:

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Hiding the UI also doesn’t work when there is an interactive element in that area. As soon as the cursor approaches the area where the top bar is hidden, the top bar appears again, covering a portion of the design, including the interactive element the user was trying to move the cursor to! This is a straight up broken UX.

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