Pressing Control + Middle mouse button (third party mouse) on Mac activates right click instead of pan

I want to quickly change between pan and zoom and vice versa. On my PC I do this using middle mouse button and scroll wheel whilst holding Ctrl button (I don’t disengage Ctrl). The problem is, for some reason on my M1 Macbook Air when Control + middle mouse button (third party mouse) is pressed, this combo acts as right click on canvas, ie. a drop down menu appears with options for “paste”, “unlock all objects”, etc… My workflow and speed is severely hampered this way. I always have to consciously think to depress Control every time I want to switch from zooming to panning. It’s counter-intuitive and really annoying.

Does anybody have the same experience? If so, is there a solution? Is it a Figma bug, OS bug, or maybe I should reprogram my mouse in some way?


What third party mouse do you use?

On Mac I believe it defaults to doing a right click when you press CTRL and click.
I use the to toggle zooming in/out. Still needs to be pressed to engage that function, otherwise the mouse wheel moves vertically.

I like using though because I can easily press and hold space bar to enable panning with the hand tool.

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Wow, that solves the problem! I didn’t know Command also engages zoom! Thanks!

I’m using a cheap Logitech until Razer Viper 8KHz arrives… I’ve bought MX 3S Master but returned it immediately due to scrolling issues on my PC…

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Glad I could help!

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