Preserve variant states when returning from Frame 2 to Frame 1

Hey everybody. I’ve searched for a solution and I think it may be cumbersome, so I want to ensure that I’m not just missing a key step in creating this.

I have created a simple checkbox where users can check/uncheck whatever combo they’d like. There are 4 boxes, and they are each components with 2 variants each (checked / unchecked).

I’m attempting to preserve the user’s selection if they are to navigate to the next page and then back to page 1.

For example, they check the first 3 boxes and not the 4th, click “Page 2” and then on Page 2 click “Page 1”, they are then shown the checkbox choices with the first 3 boxes checked and the 4th unchecked.

Any tips on making this happen without creating a ton of frames with all the different possibilities? Thank you all in advance.

Hi Jmoney!

The only solution I know of is to make page 1 + 2 themselves a component set.
It’s ugly but state is remembered between page transitions at least.