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Presentation Mode question

Ok so the question is next - You got a standard frame of 1920x1080, and an image inside of it with height of 1080, in Presentation mode of 100%scale with browser tabs, and/or with bookmarks bar, you got image cut, it doesn’t scale to fit the screen, instead the frame become scrollable. If I hit “F” to go full screen then everything’s fine as in the prototype frame.

I’ve seen galleries on many sites without such issue, where an image fits both screens with browser tabs and without in F11 fullscreen view. Like there’re constrains that scale it adaptively. Figma constrains allow me to fix position of overlay components such as top\bottom etc bars to fit sides of the frame and it works great in both 100% scale mode and in full screen, but how to do it for an image?

Am I missing something?
Currently, I decided to scale down an image to fit the screen with browser tabs and bookmarks bar enabled, but hey in fullscreen mode the image won’t fit the whole screen respectively as I would like to.

Maybe anyone know a workaround for this? Many thanks in advance!

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