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Present not displaying selected screen

I have recently noticed this odd behavior in one of my files. I’m using desktop Figma app on a 2018 MacBook Pro (Big Sur 11.4).

When I select an artboard to then preview it in the Present mode, a new tab will open up and the selected screen will be displayed. However, if I select another artboard from the file and press the Present button, the existing Present tab will not update.
But! If I then select the third artboard from the same file and switch to Present tab, then the second artboard I had selected before will show up as a screen.

Essentially, it’s like the Present tab is not being updated with a request from the file to display a specific artboard.
All of my artboards are connected and can be reached either through linear moving through the files with arrows, or prototyped interactions. No screen is missing from Present preview.

Updating and resetting Figma did not help. The behavior does not persist in any other of my files, or in browsers because they automatically refresh the Present tab every time the Present button is pressed in the file. I would assume the desktop app should also always do that, but more seamlessly since it’s not a website (I know it kinda is but that’s not the point).

Does anyone have an idea regarding this? I scrolled through the existing Present-related topics and found nothing similar to this issue.

Many thanks in advance :pray:

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