"Present" (aka force everyone to follow me)

During video calls in a remote team, it’s preferable to get everyone in the Figma file or prototype rather than sharing your screen. While following someone is easy, ensuring everyone is actually following you requires you to double-check with that everyone has indeed clicked on your avatar. Additionally, as it’s so easy to stop following someone by simply interacting with the canvas, most people accidentally stop following along without realizing, causing frustrating hiccups in your presentation.

What I would love is a way from both the editor and the prototype viewer to force everyone to follow me. I’d expect this to sync up:

  • Location
  • Zoom level
  • UI visibility (important for prototypes)
  • Prototype scaling

As a viewer of someone’s presentation I’d expect:

  • I can opt-out of someone’s presentation by some affordance
  • If I opt out, I can still see if someone is presenting and hop back in
  • I can start presenting (which ends the other person’s presentation)

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