Prefer the older version of the "edit variant property"

New version: list view display.
Cons: I’ll have to drag a list item (value) from the bottom of the list all the way to the top, so that I can align with the positioning of my variants in the component.

Older version: pill / tag display.
Pros: So much easier to rearrange by dragging & dropping without needing to scroll.

Possible fixes:

  1. If list view is the preference of most people, please give me the toggle option to set my personalised view!
  2. Allow manual height & width adjustments for the “Edit variant property” panel, similar to a textarea input.

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To add on, instead of tapping that “select 1 variant” focus icon which focus on a variant AND close the panel, can it auto-select the variant on hover?

This list view is creating so much pain especially when I don’t remember the temporary name I’ve typed previously. Wasn’t expecting such changes to occur, else I would have named my variants upfront and created them in a correct order.

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I thought I’m the only one using components with more than 6 variants for a property:

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