PRD - Figma Template

Hi Team,


I just had a small idea in existing PRD template in Figma:
In What and Why areas, the sections: Purpose and Goals should be interchanged in template. Since it gives more clarity in describing about the product promptly and gives exact meaning the specific sections of template.

Figma - PRD Template

Hope my idea is valid and you would take corresponding action of change. It would help all the users.

Thanks team!

Best Regards,
Anantha Padmanabhan

Hey @Anantha_Padmanabhan_S_S, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the PRD template from the Figma template gallery. Your input is truly valued!

To address this, I have relocated this topic to “Share an Idea”. This will assist us in planning for future updates. Additionally, community members who support your suggestion can vote on it!

I believe that your idea would be beneficial for other community members as well. We’re excited to see the response from other community members.

Also, don’t forget to vote on your idea!