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Possible to attach element to the edge of a frame?

Im trying to attach the arrow-element to the edge of my frame.
As i put more content into the white frame (with red border) the frame expands. I want the arrow to follow so i dont have to manually do this each time.

Anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible?

Original element
Arrow not following when content is added

Is the arrow in the “PM invoice mobile collapsed” frame? If it’s in this frame, then set the correct constraints for this.

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Hi thanks.

So now i can manually drag the frame up and down and the arrow follows. Thats great.

But since the element is auto layout i would like this to happen automatically when i add content to the frame. The arrow is now inside the main element frame, but since frame 1026 is auto layout i can’t have the arrow inside it (because it has to be on top of the bottom line and not a part of the auto layout)

In the example i try to add a line to the element. This naturally only extends frame 1026 and not the main one (where the arrow is attached). Any idea how to solve this?

NVM! just got it. I made the arrow into a frame and adjustet its outlines :slight_smile: now it works!

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