Possibility To Group Widgets Implicitly

I am making a user flow chart, however our product is quite big, so what I am trying to do is to break it down to smaller use cases.
Where a couple of use cases end, another starts.

On the screenshot you can see, I am trying to show that “Send offer for inquired unit” leads to another use case. (Another shape with the same text but somewhere else on the page)

So far I’ve tried to resolve this just with hyperlinks, however, it is cumbersome, and works one way only.

Is there any way to improve this? I assume something like components in Figma could resolve this.

Thanks for sharing! Yeah this is an interesting use case. I wonder if maybe a plugin could help solve this in some way?

Thank you for the reply!

I can imagine:

  1. Plugin creating new widget with specific functions for highlighting this connection with other widgets of this type.
  2. Some internal convention that Widgets with same text (that could work in my case) will be highlighted.
    But neither plugin I could find, I guess I could start developing something like this, but it seems like feature like this can be introduced by Figjam core product soon, and that would be wasted time on my side :smile:

Does anything else come to your mind?

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