Poppins Weights Missing

The Poppins Google Font no longer has all the weights it used to. They’re still available on Google. What changed?

For me all weights are available. Maybe you installed a local version and it’s either variable so not supported by Figma or conflicting with Google Fonts version/other local installations of this font.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll look further, I didn’t see it installed anywhere on my machine.

Yeah, not seeing it on the machine’s font list anywhere. I’ve been using it for a while too, just today it only lets me select Medium, Semibold, and Bold.

Removed all non-system fonts from my machine. The issue still persists. Is there anything else I could do? The issue occurs on both Web and on the App.

I am using MacOS 12.0.1, though the issue doesn’t coincide with when I installed the latest OS.

Other steps I’ve already taken:

  • Closed Figma multiple times.
  • Restarted my computer.

Try to contact Figma support team, they may be able to assist you.

@Phil_Larsen I’ve been having the exact same issue for a month, not knowing what caused it. I contacted support team and they gave me precise instructions and lines of commands but unfortunately the problem reoccured shortly after it seemed gone. I ended up reinstalling the font locally, but for an unknown reason the “thin” weight ends up badly ordered (in the middle of the select input). Something’s broken somewhere, and it’s annoying because it seems there’s a slight difference between what’s installed, and what’s directly used by other people who don’t have this issue…


I’ll have to reach out to support again. I didn’t see any response from my first attempt (Email troubles)
Are you using any plugins? I was suspecting it occurred because of a certain plugin.

I created a new profile on my computer and the problem wasn’t present until a few days after creating the account. I couldn’t isolate when the problem started occurring.

I can still access the weights that are “missing”, I just can’t select them from the list. It needs to be a preexisting layer with the weight selected.

It appears that the issue has been addressed. I didn’t take any effort since my last message. I got an update to Figma and the weights can be selected again. They weren’t missing, I just couldn’t see them in the dropdown list anymore.

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