PNG images not aligning

Hi all

I am brand new to Figma and have stumbled onto something that I cannot seem to find help on.


I created a “pixel art” dino and placed all the components into their respective layers.

On the application/software, everything aligns perfectly - i can show and view different aspects of the image by using the little eye next to each element. This works as i expected it to.


I am trying to use code to create random variations of the image but when the code runs, all my PNG images are stacked on top of one another and all aligned to the left of the image. The order in which they were placed within Figma does not come through. According to the various places i’ve read, its not the coding, but rather the exports from Figma.

I’m using the Hashlips_art engine to try create different variations.

Above is the screenshot of the failed attempt, unfortunately, i can only upload 1 image per post as I am new here…

Can anybody assist me please.

If it’s purely coding related, maybe you’ll find better luck in the plugin or rest api forums, whichever is more relevant for you.

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