Plugins to help lint/standardize a large design system?

Hi there - I’m having trouble finding exactly what I’m looking for (and perhaps it doesn’t exist):

We have a large design system library with many pages & components. I’m trying to find a way to export pertinent info about our components in bulk so we can document and standardize them. So things like:

  • Layer/Frame/Component/etc Names
  • Text
  • Component Properties (e.g. “State”)
  • Property Variants (e.g. “State=Hover”, “State=Disabled”)

Once we had a high-level view with info like this, we could begin to standardize our library. So maybe in one component we named a text layer “Button Label” instead of “Label”. Or maybe we have misspellings & unnamed layers. Or maybe we have one-off component props that we could refine.

Eventually we could export all of this data into an internal wiki/tool of some kind to help us QA our Figma designs in the future. Not sure what to name a layer? Check the wiki!

Ideally this would be a one-click-and-done sort of thing, but I’m willing to open each page and run the plugin if needed. That would suck but maybe there’s a Figma API limitation.

Every plugin I’ve found so far (Design Lint for example) requires open/closing all the layers, which is very slow and error-prone for this purpose. Is there anything that’d be a better fit for our needs?

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