Plugins for code

I can’t figure in this program, how to use autohtml type plugins?
i tried to make adaptive design but no matter how much time I spent, it was all in vain, I never managed transfer the 1920 x 1080 on a laptop with a different screen(1366x720 ) and open in a browser
do I need to do everything manually or did I fail relocate because I couldn’t figure out the autolayer?

Hey there, which plugins are you trying to use? Have you reached out to the plugin creators yet for support?

no, i didnt, but just now i tried this script on another, not mine project and they works, and they are adaptive
i dont sees options with which how him managed do it
so hard to understand

Hi there, thanks for the reply. To confirm, is your question for this plugin - AutoHTML | Components to Code? If so, it seems there is a slack group to directly ask the creator

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If I am misunderstanding, please let me know!