Plugins dropdown has become effectively unusable

I don’t understand why the plugins menu was changed from showing a list of plugins we can access quickly to hiding them in a “saved plugins” nested menu.

This adds just a little bit of time to what I’m doing, sure, but the annoyance factor from having to go through this menu and the mental disconnect of having to navigate it each time is becoming a bigger problem than simply just adding another level of a dropdown.

The plugins menu within the app screen isn’t working very hard either. It shows either saved or recent. Also that menu has a fixed size and if we have a lot of plugins we need to scroll, while the one in the status bar will just expand to the end of the screen if it needs to—sure it’s a big menu but that’s what I’m focused on when I’ve got it open so I’d rather use my eyes to browse than have to move the mouse into the scroll area and have to do that.


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