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Plugin search doesn't persist when going back

I search for plugins, then click on one, and when I click the back button the search is empty and I have to re-enter the search term again. Not sure if this is happening for everyone but I tried restarting Figma and it did the same thing. This makes it a huge pain to check out various plugins.


I’m having this exact same issue. It’s very tough when trying to compare plugins and community files.

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When you are searching for something in the Сommunity zone, and open any result file, and when you focus on the inner content of overview canvas, and when you want to return to the search results, and you click on the backward arrow, you get an empty results page

Previewing a file from the search results is deleting the search words in the input. So in case, I want to go back to the search results I need to type it again. this is very uncomfortable.
please see the screen recording attached: