Plugin Free Trial

I’ve written a plugin for Figma. I would like to offer a free trial for users before they pay for the plugin. How would I go about keeping track of when the user first started using the plugin?
Currently I’ve implemented the Payments API. There is a function called getUserFirstRanSecondsAgo() that provides information on how much time has passed since first open. This works. But the issue is that the Payments API is new and is by invitation only. So currently I cannot publish the plugin. I’ve requested to be added to the waitlist, but that is not guaranteed.
Is there another way to keep track of either the time since first use or number of uses?
I’m also aware of Figma.clientStorage(), but apparently that isn’t secure enough.


Hey Poora, you can use this method: Also would recommend you read this guide on requiring payment in your plugin as well
Unfortunately at this moment there isn’t a way to use these APIs without being an approved seller.