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Plug-in for finding styles linked to an external library?

Sorry if this is a no brainer, but after much searching I can’t find an answer.

The context of my problem:

  • I have specs and design system set up in monolithic file and we’re going to do a visual rebrand (new colors, type, etc).
  • After much consideration, team decided the best path was to duplicate the existing file, rename it V.2, and make the styling changes there. Once the new colors and type styles are settled in and applied to components, we’ll have dev “cut over” to the V.2 file.
  • Oddly, the V.2 file still includes some style library links to the V.1 file. While the V.1 library is NOT shared in the V.2 file, there are still seemingly random places where a color or type style is connected to a style in the V.1 file. So, within a given component, the type style header/4 shows up fine and is referencing the style with that name in the V.2 file, but occasionally – even in the same component – `header/4’ references the (same) style in the V.1 file. :thinking:

What I’m looking for:

  • A plug-in that would allow me to quickly identify any connections to V.1 styles that exist in my V.2 file. Once found, I can easily change V.1 file Header/1 style to V.2 file Header/1 style.
  • Secondarily: anyone know why my new file is randomly linking to styles in the other (V.1) file?

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