Please make spell check optional

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I really dislike having the red lines and the spell check. It is distracting to me and I don’t want it. Can we please add a preference so I can turn it off? Thanks


Hey @Michael_Miller1,

You can already disable spell check:

  1. Click on the menu.
  2. Go to Text > Spell check.
  3. Click Check spelling to disable.
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The ability to turn off spell check is only available in browser and not in Figma app yet

It is available. Make sure you’ve restarted the app. But if you are on Mac, make sure you are using the built-in Figma menu instead of the menubar items where this setting may not appear yet.

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Wait, what? you have to click “check spelling” do STOP check the spelling…

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Yeah, as you are unchecking Spell Checking. Don’t see a problem here.

@Chrtz I find the copy confusing. “check spelling” sounds like a one time action to me, not a toggle. At lest it should say something like “don’t check spelling” when spell checking is on. (and not be in a sub menu)

I think a better name would be “Enable spell checking”. Your suggestion with “don’t” makes it a double-negative, which is confusing (don’t check spelling needs to be enabled in order to disable spell checking).

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