Please introduce capability to Pin Plug Ins to Figma Tool Bar

Or at least be able to easily access plug ins by having them permanently open somewhere. I am constantly accessing plug-ins but it’s getting tedious having to click through to them every time. By introducing the ability to “Pin” your favourites maybe next to the “Comment” tool or “Start Conversation” tool would be super helpful!


Yes please! I desperately need to pin my most used plugins. I use more than one during work, so the “run last plugin” shortcut is completely useless when I’m switching back and forth between different plugins.

In fact, I’d love to organize all my plugins by subfolders or tags so I can find less frequently used plugins much easier… and so I can actually keep track of which one is which. I’ve come across lots of really useful plugins, but unless I use a plugin basically every day I can’t remember what they all do. So I have this long list of mystery plugins, and I have to interrupt my workflow and spend time trying to figure out which plugin was the one that I used for a specific task some weeks ago. A lot of times I simply just don’t use any plugins because by the time I find one I need, I could’ve just done the task the hard way already.

There are so many brilliant plugins but it’s hard to really keep more than a few before it just becomes unwieldy.


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