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Please Help! Commercial Use

Hello. I am UX/UI designer. I have a five questions about Figma.

  1. Is free version of Figma available for commercial use?

  2. Can I shoot video tutorials/educational videos by screen video recording in Figma, where I will teach how to use it, how to use tools of Figma, and how to improve skills, etc.? Besides, I will upload development process of my works and my client’s orders. Eventually, I will post all these videos on my YouTube channel, thereby promoting my channel and demonstrating my skills in this area?

  3. Can I earn money through monetization on my YouTube channel and via advertisement of various goods and services, the way almost all bloggers do on YouTube?

  4. Are all Figma plugins available for commercial use? Is it also possible to upload tutorial/educational videos about these plugins to my YouTube channel and earn money through monetization and advertisement of various goods and services?

  5. I am UX/UI designer, my family member (nephew) is programmer, we are freelancers, we get orders from Internet for the most part, I create designs for websites and mobile applications, then give the website layout to my family member (nephew), he writes code for the website layout, that’s why we work with him together. I have a free version of Figma installed on my computer, my family member (nephew) has a free version of Figma as well. Do we violate Figma rules and policies in this case? Or should one of us have to purchase a paid subscription? But in any case, it’s me alone who creates design and works on it, my relative (nephew) uses Figma to work with the website/mobile app design only for code writing purposes.


Regarding detailed answers to your other questions I would suggest you to reach out to Figma support team via the support request form. But I’d say that many people are doing all of this and they are fine, haven’t heard of any issues.

One note about plugins: they can have their own licenses (usually written in the plugin description or when opening the plugin for the first time). Authors are free to restrict their plugins from commercial use if they want or make commercial use paid. Again, when this is the case, it’s usually pretty obvious. For example, check out my plugin Master or another paid plugin Design System Organizer.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice, I am not affiliated with Figma in any way.