Please explain to us the emoji bug!

This one is for me a real bug because I can’t figure out why I can’t use my universal emojis.

I’m on French keyboard azerty on Mac (*)
and when I use ⌘+Ctrl+Space (as usual) to get an emoji
some of them won’t be displayed.
Just try to get :green_circle: or :orange_circle:

We know that Figma don’t handle this well… but as a user…

(*) it’s not a big deal but it’s already a trouble for Figma
→ no way to get the basic search with ⌘+’ … imagine the shit…

Please don’t give me links to Glyph or others plugins…
I would like an explanation or a native integration!

The answer is simple, this is not a bug: Figma uses a fixed set of emoji (they have a custom renderer so they can’t use your system emoji, they have to implement them manually) and this set is a bit outdated, so some emoji like these circles are not included in this set, Figma simply doesn’t know how to draw them. They implemented emoji just a couple of years ago, as far as I remember, before that they didn’t work at all.


Thanks @Gleb

Glad I found this post with the answer!

Does Figma intend to update the emoji list or is there something else planned? Is there an easier workaround than adding a colored ellipse with the text and grouping them with auto-layout?

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