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Please consider making page dropdown its own tab instead of same panel as layers

Having the page dropdown in the same area as the layers is rather frustrating.

I’m not sure what benefit there is to that setup. I think, ideally, the “pages” should just be another tab

  • Pages
  • Layers
  • Assets

This would be way clearer and faster to work with, you could easily see what tab you are on, and the pages list would then be full height with less scrolling.

Having the pages overlay the layers is kind of annoying and also it looks so similar to the layers at a glance that it’s not a great UX.

If you insist on keeping the pages in the layers panel, please consider putting a transparent overlay over the layers when the page menu is open so it’s more clear that the pages menu is open.


Must say that I love having both pages and layers available at once - I move between pages all the time and having to select a pages tab, select the page I want, then click on the layers tab again so I can edit things would be painful for me. We obviously have quite different workflows :slight_smile:


Fair point. I can see how your workflow would be very useful. You probably have a lot fewer pages in your file than I do and probably have simpler UI/UX. I wish that were true for me. LOL

Customization is a good thing so it would be cool if Figma made it an option for each individual user to decide if they want “pages” as a tab or if they want it the default way

There’s a Page Jumper plugin

Doing a bit of playing, you could push the page/layer separator to the absolute bottom of the sidebar, and then use the page/layer expander at the top to give you what you’re after? It effectively flicks you between a full height page view and a full height layer view.


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Yeah I started doing that the other day when I thought of that too. Seems OK. Thanks

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Funnily enough I’ve started trialling working like this as well, just to see how it feels. Coupled with function up/down keys to move between pages, I can see what you meant originally.

It seems we’ve both got the best of both worlds :slight_smile: