Please consider audio for Figma

Today, I can’t add sound to my prototype.

Sound is a crucial part of our design language and without sound it’s just half the story.

Who else is missing audio to enrich the experience?


Sound effects are typical in design systems that are used for platforms other than web/mobile, for example “ten foot experiences” that run on TVs.

Audio support in Figma could also enable the prototyping of audio-based accessibility features.


Creating prototypes with sound interactions is something I’ve always wanted on Figma, it’s an essential part of many products. At the moment there aren’t plugins for doing this. And I know there are tons of external tools to implement a sound feedback but having everything on Figma would be really great.

Does anyone have the need for this feature or is it just me? How you would implement it?

  1. Would love to add sounds to prototype animations / transitions

If you’re testing it in browsers… no chance. This is something all modern ones block by default.

  1. Unable to add audio files

  2. Provide a way to feature audio files in prototype, similar to the option offered in Adobe XD

  3. Other than using a code through Anima, I don’t believe there’s an easy way to integrate audio files.

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Please allow us to add a sound/audio to our prototype. I’m currently working on a text-to-speech functionality. Obviously the prototype doesn’t work unless we have an audio feedback to the prototype.

Also I was considering using Anima to solve the issue but it only works if you preview it in the Anima side. It’s no longer a Figma prototype… And as we are using unmoderated tool to do user testing we need it to be a Figma prototype.
PLLLLLEASE implement a way to add audio to prototype! Please