Please allow bulk extend of lines either X (horizontal) or Y (vertical) only

In FigJam, it is very inconvenient for me to create something like a user journey, which keeps growing horizontally, and having to extend ONE LINE AT A TIME. can I just select 10 horizontal lines and extend them ONLY horizontally when clicking on a vertical edge of the bulk bounding box? The current feature extends both the horizontal line AND the vertical space between them, in scale, NO MATTER WHERE I CLICK. The horizontal length and vertical intervals should ONLY extend both X and Y length when clicking on the corner selector. This has been a very frustrating experience.

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Hey @Kazumi_Terada, thanks for the feedback!

Right now, this is expected behavior, since we scale vectors proportionately in FigJam, but we’ll pass this along to the FigJam team for future consideration.

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Yeah a cmd, cmd+shift click, or something to scale only X or Y axis, depending on where a user clicks… something similar to Photoshop’s transform functionality would be great. Having only proportional scale is frustrating and a massive time suck.