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Please add reWidth to automatically calculate the unit value of the design drawing

Dear designers, I really need figma to add a new custom width and CSS REM unit automatic conversion function, which is convenient for my development colleagues. When I design an app ui for ios, my design size is 1X and the default width is 375pt. But the development colleagues got this 1X design drawing, they need to use a calculator to recalculate the size of 2x, the width is 750pt, they need to manually use the calculator to calculate various values, if figma can consider adding and re-customizing the width and unit With the automatic conversion function, my development colleagues will improve their work efficiency and will no longer complain. They can freely switch the size of different design specifications for reference.

Below is the conceptual design drawing I made. Please refer to it. If you love designers find it helpful in your work, please vote for me. Thank you


good job!!

good job!!!

I also need this feature.



need this one!

running into the same problem here :joy_cat:

good idea.

I need it badly, too