Please add mousewheel zoom without holding ALT

A simple preference checkbox, like that of Photoshop, would allow zooming without having to hold the ALT key. This would be a lot more inclusive, accessible, and, in my opinion, comfortable!

I was going to ask, “how do you scroll vertically and horizontally, then?” But I tried the setting in Photoshop and it looks like the preference checkbox switches the modifier key (option/alt for PS) between zoom and scroll. That’s interesting that you prefer the default behavior of the scroll wheel to be zoom instead of, uh, scroll! :grimacing:

Yes! Basically because scrolling in just one axis in such a sprawling canvas is not as useful as simply holding the mousewheel click and moving the camera to my desired position. I also have a bad case of tendinitis in my left arm/hand that causes me to prefer applications that reduce the requirement of keyboard inputs.

Got it, that makes sense. Voted to add a user preference!

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