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Playing micro interactive state in figma mirror doesn't work


Hey there, can you maybe share a bit more info on what you’re expecting to work? Or if you could share the file, that’d be perfect.

Thanks a lot! — Niko

Thank you for your fast reply I think my problem has been already solved :slight_smile:

I have a quite similar issue with the Figma Mirror App (Android):

When I’m using the protoype on Figma Desktop, the interactive state of the button works as expected. When I’m using the same frame within the Figma Mirror App, the button text-label suddenly aligns left as soon as I’m using the interactive component.

I have a similar problem, when I use figma mirror app, button padding doesn’t wrap to text in next interaction state.


Mirror App

my impression is that the variant interactions don’t work at all in the mirror app, am i wrong?