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Place image option is not working in windows10

Today i faced a problem while placing an image from my desktop folder to figma. I created a rectangle shape and i was trying to fill with an image so when i chose place file option and opened an image from folder it gave me 2 options- place all or discard all. earlier for selecting single image this option will not come directly it gets filled into the shape but this time i asked and after this option am unable to choose anything in my layout/frame. i keep clicking everywhere but no response then i gave place all but still it has not been pasted neither to the rectangle shape nor anywhere. This is frustrating. this feature was working properly until last week. Only way now i can place to to the shape is by using properties on the right side and under fill I am selecting image and placing it.
2. second bug is when i copy a image from rectangle shape and tried to paste it to circle then it is not automatically adopting to the shape as it was show in the video tutorial instead it is getting pasted as same rectangle size

Please guide here. This is consuming lot of my time. I am working in Windows 10 version

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And here are the answers to your questions:

  1. Just tested the “Place image…” function and it works great.
  2. To insert an image as a fill, you need to copy the image to the clipboard, for example, from any site through a browser, and then paste it into the shape of your choice. Or select the fill on the property panel, copy and then paste into the shape you want.