Pinning drafts and recent files

I work with a lot of files and while opening some files to work, I close other important files like UI Kits or templates. To open the desired file in the list, you need to look for it again by 3-6-9 cards with drafts below. This is not very convenient.

I would like to propose to create a field in which it will be possible to pin drafts, kits, and duplicate files, which we often use to open them at any time. I am sure users will find this feature very useful.
I really hope that this feature will not be paid.

What do you think about this?


I really want the files I need to be “always at the top” :+1: :roll_eyes:


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Hello, please add the “pin to top” option to recent files. Having a lot of files or even unwanted files in the recent files section can make us feel confused.
A lot of files are added in recent files even by opening a community design file. There is no category or folder option in recent files and subsequently, it is not convenient to look for a specific file.
By pining the most relating design files on top of the recent files, it would be more delightful to find a file. Thanks!

I would like to ‘Pin’ files in the Recently Viewed section the same why I can in other projects. I work across multiple Projects and there are certain files in each I need to look at multiple times a week. While they do show up towards the top, I still have to ‘search’ for them. It would be helpful to know where they are at all times.

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I really like this ideas as I’m in similar situation. My “workaround” at the moment is just that I keep those files open in different tabs for now. But pin might be a great solution

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Are also open, but often start to interfere) I don’t like when many tabs are open