Pinch-to-zoom unreliable

I’m on Monterey 12.6.

You need to give both AEServer(Apple Events server) and siriactionsd(Siri) the permissions to control your computer.

Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Thanks so much!

I’ve enabled AEServer but I don’t have siriactionssd - I do have ‘Siri’ checked through but still have the same “System Settings got an error: AppleEvent handler failed.”

Screenshot here of my current settings.

Hi all. Recently bought a MacBook Air M1. Such a question, why does the approximation through the touchpad work every other time? A friend has the same situation. I will be glad if there is a solution to the problem

Please fix it :c
Every hour I should go to settings and turn off-on the zoom in-out to make it works again
It’s so disturbing

I’ve been dealing with this for years. A super easy fix.
Click Touch ID button to lock Mac, press ESC so the screen turns off, and click the Touch ID button to unlock the Mac and you are good to go!


This issue is happening SO often, can someone please fix this! None of the suggestions I’ve read so far help fix the issue. I have just have to wait and hope for the best. Very frustrating when I’m presenting to stakeholder and I can’t zoom in a file!


Using MBP M1 2020, and this is happening for like 4 months now. What I do is close the lid then open it again. Well, this method works for me since I do not have external display or anything.

Me too. I’m on a MacBook Air M2 with Ventura and this keeps happening to me too. The zoom with CMD + touchpad 2-finger up/down works for me as a temporary alternative.

I’ve tested this so that when it happens in Figma, I go to Safari and pinch to zoom still works there, so it appears to be application related.

Also happening daily multiple times :face_exhaling: thanks so much for the advice though on the cmd + two fingers up and down on trackpad - really helps!

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I’ve been having this issue with T1/T2/Apple Silicon Macs since 2016 with Adobe apps. It’s never reliably replicable though. Outside of the design community, no one seem to care either. Older diving board trackpad Macs without TouchID don’t seem to be affected.

Hey, thanks for the tip. I believe this shortcut doesn’t work anymore with the latest macOS update (Ventura 13.0.1). If anyone knows how to update the code, I’d appreciate your help. Thanks :pray:

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This really sucks :frowning:

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Bonkers that this is still an issue. This is absolutely related to the Figma application.

I’m having the same problem. Both Figma and Adobe apps. Very Very annoying.

This still works on the latest version for me