Pinch-to-zoom unreliable

Thanks Hauken for this. :raised_hands:

So far this is the only reasonable ‘workaround’ - thanks man! :slight_smile:

Yet this is still a bug, and Figma team needs to fix it (please).

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Same issue, M1 Macbook Pro

Same issue with the desktop app mainly, which seemed like an alternative to the demanding web app.

This is still an extremely frustrating problem. The app is useless to me without pinch-to-zoom.

Also happening to me - I’m on a MacBook Air, M1, Monterey 12.5

aaaahhhhhhhhh this drives me crazy and happens all the time!!! Please fix!!!


Please fix it. Supper annoying

This is happening to me too. Sometimes closing and reopening Figma fixes it, sometimes not. Other times using the keyboard shortcut to zoom fixes it. Really frustrating.

@Figma_Support Please fix ASAP.

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if we all beg maybe it will get fixed?

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please fix this omg!!!

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+1. Yes, please fix! Thank you!

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+1, yes please.

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+1, @Azhar_P answer helped