Pinch-to-zoom unreliable

I have been dealing with this issue for a while now, can we please get a fix @Figma_Support ?

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Same here. Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1.
@Figma_Support we really need your help!

Pinch to zoom is not working after some Figma use.

If you re-enable the trackpad settings (System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom > “Zoom in and out) it is going to be fixed for a while then the same problem will happen again and again.

Mac users need a permanent solution. Please fix that issue!


When this happens, most likely pinch to zoom still works in other apps (e.g. try pinch to zoom in Safari). In these cases, just quit the Figma desktop app and start it again.

Both my work and personal MacBook (intel, Monterrey and Ventura) experience this problem for months now.

It happens multiple times a day. Starts and resolves itself randomly.
Disrupts the flow and is very frustrating.

I’m using macOS Accessibility screen zoom feature (Control key + swipe up/down). Few attempts with this gesture unblocks Figma’s pinch-to-zoom. Usually.

Same here, this is becoming frustrating.

Especially when switching back and forth with other open windows.

Please fix this soon :pray:

I’ve discovered that closing all other chromium (electron) processes makes the pinch gesture work again.

I indeed suspect it’s a problem with several Chromium tasks running simultaniously. @John_L for me the problem always occurs if I have Chrome & Figma App open OR Two Figma windows. Also happens if only Figma App is open. In all cases, the function only stops the zoom function for Figma, not in other apps. Restarting the app usually helps, but is also annoying. I guess some sort of cache is deleted after closing the app / restarting pinch on zoom?

Hope that could shed some light into this very annoying problem?

Oh good it’s not just me experiencing this, please sort this out soon Figma it’s very annoying

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Same for me.

Maybe some good news, with macOS 13.3 (Apple has just released the RC). Among the release notes, we can read “Resolves an issue where Trackpad gestures may occasionally stop responding”. I hope it concerns our problem. :crossed_fingers:


A fix that works for me so far is that if you use the right click (opening the context menu in) anywhere in the Figma file (usually the empty space), in my case, two finger press on the touchpad two or three times consecutively, and just moving a cursor a couple of pixels apart before clicking/opening the context menu again.

Hope there’s a proper solution soon :crossed_fingers:

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Still experiencing this bug

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This bug is constant/daily for me

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Same here!
Since day 1 of using Figma years ago.

Pretty annoying bug this one.

It even seams to happen on specific files. I have 2 figma windows open atm, and I can pinch to zoom in one of them, but not the other…

This has been going on for the past 2 YEARS now…

Hi sorry I did not saw your message but I have recorded my screen if you need it but I can’t post it here, maybe you can give me an email adresse :slight_smile:

Hey all,
please upgrade to the latest MacOS version. Seems like Apple might have solved the bug:

  • Resolves an issue where Trackpad gestures may occasionally stop responding

Apple Release notes


Thanks for sharing @FlorianModel! :crossed_fingers:

Please do let us know if you continue to run into issues.

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I think this is a bug with Figma. Not sure if other people are facing this. I am on latest MacOS using the Figma Desktop App version 116.7.103, randomly the pinch and zoom stops working. Sometimes, after a restart it works again and sometimes doesn’t. This is extremely frustrating!

I am not using FigJam, simply using Figma.

Any help/fix appreciated!

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