Pin comments to components inside the main frame

I’m very excited about the new version of Comments. Everything works amazingly except for this small thing: Comments aren’t pinned to components inside a main frame

A bit of context: I use Comments to leave notes in my component library file as a way to communicate to my Devs. To organise the file neatly, I tend to put the components inside main frames that spell out the topic (e.g. buttons, cards, modal window). Due to our growing components library, I frequently have to reorganise this file which means I have to manually move my comments constantly.

Are there any tips/workaround at the moment to help out with this as I still want to organise my components neatly in main frames? Or do you guys reckon I have to wait for the Figma team to release the next updates of Comments?

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I agree. I run into this issue as well where I have to manually move comments if I move certain frames. I think comments should stick to the respective frame.

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